by Deanna Maria R.

While protestors rallied outside Buckingham Palace, some holding signs reading ‘Trump: Hands off Buckingham palace’ and ‘Free Palestine’, Queen Elizabeth and other members of the Royale family, welcomed guests to their Royale home. You may be asking, why would people protest having guests at Buckingham Palace? NATO leaders, across the globe, may give you a clue.

Love them or hate them, NATO leaders invited to Buckingham palace included, President Donald Trump from the USA and Boris Johnson, UK Prime Minster. Although protests took place outside, if looking in, you would see the Queen, and other members of the Royale family present, engaging in cordial conversation with those protested about. Many protesters may not like the scene that included President Trump and Prime Minster Johnson but, impartiality, for this event, seems to be Queen Elizabeth’s stance.

70 years of the NATO summit was celebrated on December 3rd of 2019. Although people may or may not like certain NATO leaders at Buckingham Palace or even in the UK, the Buckingham Palace has held many guests of important events throughout the years. Certainly, it can be surmised, that other guests have not been exactly some people of the UK’s ‘cuppa tea’. Queen Elizabeth, it can also be surmised, has dealt many times with delicate situations, may be more so than in this situation. However you may look at it, whatever protesters thought or didn’t think, it clearly did not stop the Queen from inviting the NATO leaders to Buckingham Palace.