by Deanna Maria R.

A typical family out for a walk when they get a little peckish. So, they stop to get a bite to eat but wait! Jack and his family are not your typical family or are they a human family. Jack, along with the rest of his family, are swans and a typical site for the folks in Kirk Hallam in Derbyshire. One man from Kirk Hallam says they have ruined his letterbox trying to get inside and when that doesn’t quite work for Jack, they knock on doors as well as windows.

Of course, some people think they are a bother but that doesn’t seem to faze Jack or stop him and his family from coming around. He knows that others accept him and his family as part of the community. People in the community keep a watch on them. Rightly so because who wants a spray-painted swan, which has occurred in the past. And, in spite of the fact Jack and his family have been chased by some members of the community, others prefer to leave them bits of bread and seeds to eat as well as water.

At the days end, and after a leisurely stroll through the neighborhood, Jack and family return to their home on the lake. No worries though, Jack and family return everyday to visit their neighbors. Those that don’t take to Jack and his family are glad to see them go but others know, if they never came again, Jack and his family would be missed.