by Deanna Maria R.

Yinka Llori from England has Nigerian parents, who wished, like many parents around the world do, that their son would become a lawyer or a doctor, something more traditional than what he would end up becoming. Yinka sees his world in vibrant colors. After getting used to their son becoming an artist, Yinka’s parents are not only proud but love spreading the news of his artwork.

Yinka uses vibrant colors, and his Nigerian background, combined with ordinary objects, to bring his artistic creations to life for all to enjoy. Using his memories of his Nigerian heritage, Yinka tells a story through the use of color. In Dulwich picture gallery, Yinka created ‘The Colour Palace’. Yinka’s creation was inspired by his trips to Lagos, Nigeria. He most remembers Balogun market, a fabric market, which, he says, is full of ‘culture and love’. This market inspired him to create something that made him feel amazing and he brought that energy and feeling to London.

His Nigerian culture and values kept him on the straight and narrow and he tries to imbue the culture and those values into his artwork. He said where he was raised in London was a place where it was difficult to adhere to the values he was taught, a place where one could easily be led astray. Proud to grow-up where he did but not an easy place to live, it led to the beginning of his artistic journey. His parents ignited his passion for art by telling him Ówe, parables of ‘words of wisdom’. For him, the journey still continues.