by Deanna Maria R.

Whether you believe in climate change or not, there are people out there that, individually, are trying to reduce their tread on the earth. Seeking ways to help the planet by reducing their carbon footprint, Taily from Brazil, Jacob from the USA, Teuila from Samoa, Hannah from the USA, Sophie from the UK, Adenike from Nigeria, Abdulrahman from Qatar, Gabrielle from the USA, and Francisco from Brazil participated in the annual COP25 climate summit in 2019. What answer would you give if you were asked how you were adapting your life for the environment’s sake? That is what these people were asked by a BBC News correspondent during the convention in December of 2019.

Taily from Brazil chooses not to use traditional medicines or medication from the drug store but due to deforestation, finds it difficult to find the medicinal plants needed. Jacob from the USA uses his phone less and turns it off when not needed; while Teuila from Samoa practices minimalism, using less and shopping at secondhand stores. Hannah from the USA tries to consume less meat and utilizes public transportation and she isn’t alone in those choses as Sophie from the UK has a similar perspective. Adenike from Nigeria loves lights but chooses to reduce her carbon footprint by turning them off. Abdulrahman uses his car less and Gabriella made a life change by refusing to use plastic. While Francisco didn’t say what he does to reduce his carbon footprint, he did have a message for parent’s; teach your children how to protect the environment.