by Deanna Maria R.

The view from BBC reporter Laura Bicker’s standpoint is of thousands of peaceful people walking down the street with lights aglow. Is it a parade? No, but it is thousands of people peacefully protesting in Hong Kong for their civil liberties that they feel are slowly being taken by pro-Beijing influences. Organizers of the event expected around 35,000 protestors but BBC Reporter Laura Bicker and anyone viewing the video, can clearly see thousands more than was expected.

There were police down some of the side streets in the event that trouble brewed. Fortunately, up to the point of when this video was shot, they were not needed. Protestors, though, are not through with the police. They have been asking for an independent inquiry into, what they say, is police brutality that has occurred within the last 6 months.

Although protestors have been relatively quiet since the prior election around 2 weeks ago (at time of video), with very few rallies, they have said more rallies, such as this one, are in the works. Some people may have thought that the protestors and issues, they are protesting about, would vanish and that the protestors would silently just go home. According to the turnout of this rally and the organization of future rallies, that does not seem likely.  From their standpoint, the people who participated in this rally and for the ones that could not make the rally, they have not forgotten what they are fighting for.