by Deanna Maria R.

It was reported approximately 5 hours ago, by BBC News, that some of the (at least) 100 people visiting White Island, are unaccounted for. Tourists, awaiting evacuation, took pictures of a bellowing black cloud coming from the volcano after it erupted. From the video, you can hear an agonized, ‘No, no, no’ from one tourist awaiting evacuation.

Police had stated that several people had been evacuated but many more were missing. This statement coincides with the Prime Minster of New Zealand’s (Jacinda Ardern) statement that it was her belief, up to that point, that approximately 100 people were occupying the Island, some were unaccounted for and others were in transit to the shore for treatment at the hospital for injuries.

Those tourists taking pictures of this horrific event, can clearly be heard talking. At one point, near the end of the tourists recording, you can hear a very disheartening sniffle, as if the person was in tears. Many people who saw and heard this video, would empathize and sympathize with the ones awaiting evacuation. Unfortunately, the tourists awaiting evacuation will not be the only ones who will suffer from distress and sorrow due to the terrible event that occurred on White Island. The families of those tourists that are not found or those who may have lost their lives to this terrible occurrence will be the ones who suffer the most. We will hold them in our hearts and hope that more are found alive.