by Deanna Maria R.

A blast from the past is getting new life breathed into it by project manager Tim Gartner and his company. It is a daunting task, for the place being rejuvenated holds many great memories for the East German people. Spreepark, built in 1969 in the communist part of Berlin, sits abandoned. The empty shell looks and feels like, to BBC Travel Show Host Ade Adepitan, as if he was in a ‘nuclear wasteland’.

Once a great destination, the theme park was abandoned because it could not compete with similar western parks. In 2014, new rides were added in hopes of attracting more theme park goers, but it soon turned into an abandoned shell of its former glory days. Taken over by nature and time, project manager, Tim Gartner saw a different view.

What others see as just nature’s overgrowth, will now be incorporated into the new, improved, and a radically different version of Spreepark. No longer will it be an amusement park but a center that embraces art and culture and the ‘natural heritage’ that has been created by nature and time since it was abandoned. No longer will all the rides function. Not to worry though, because, Tim Gartner and company will not only revitalize those rides but also define and create ‘new uses’ for them. Knowing that he has a great responsibility to Berlin and East Germans especially referring to the ‘GDR’ (German Democratic Republic), Tim Gartner and company have willingly taken on a task to revitalize a piece out of time and history.