by Deanna Maria R.

Bush-fires have been raging since October effecting mainly Australia’s rural areas but now the effects are being seen in the city of Sydney. People donning masks were seen, going about their daily lives. Thick smoke that burns the throat and black ash washing up on the city beaches not only has Sydney residents concerned but also the firefighters as well. One firefighter can be heard to say ‘It’s taking forever’ while standing in front of the blazing fire. Many seasoned veteran firefighters are saying this blaze is different due to the intensity and strength increasing instead of decreasing over time with help from the firefighters.

Smelling, tasting, and feeling the effects, many are experiencing the sensations from the heavy smog of smoke in new and different ways. BBC news correspondent Phil Mercer claims to know what it must be like to be a heavy cigarette smoker from breathing in the heavy fog of smoke that has traveled from the rural bushfires into the urban areas of Sydney.  Another resident awakes from slumber with a sore throat, smelling the smoke even with the windows closed.

Bracing for a possible brutal summer, firefighters expect the bush-fires to continue for a while, even if conditions become milder. Due to the amount of fire edge, firefighters are expecting not days of fighting the inferno but potentially many weeks to months. Their goal is ‘good quality containment’ of the bush-fires of rural Australia. Relief for those effected by the bush-fires, rural and urban residents alike, does not seem likely at this point in time.