by Deanna Maria R.

Have you ever experienced what it is like to be surrounded by gunfire? Unfortunately, Jersey City, in New Jersey USA, has. As the video opens, you hear the sounds of rapid gunfire. A deadly gun battle has ensued in Jersey City leaving six people dead (at the time of the video), one police officer and five others. It is not known from this video whether the five others were victims or perpetrators.

For four hours, two suspects battled police officers in a deadly shootout. Hundreds of rounds of ammunition were dispensed from the back and forth exchange of gunfire between the police and suspects. The gunmen took refuge in a shop, culminating in the shootout with the police. Police had chased the fleeing suspects from a scene at a cemetery involving a shooting. That is where a 39-year old police officer was killed.

Police officers can be heard, and seen, rounding up people to move them to a safe location. You can see one woman, neither a suspect nor involved in the shootings, bundled up due to the cold, holding a green grocery bag, with her hands in the air walking toward a police officer. This shootout affected the entire city.

Schools went on lock-down, according to a Jersey City student. Students took steps for their safety, prompted by their teachers. Some of the students, hearing the boom boom of gunfire from the shootout, did not know what to make of it. Although, the incident was not a school shooting, Jersey City was not taking any chances with Jersey City students.