by Deanna Maria R.

BBC reports election results for the UK, East, West, North and South, the ‘biggest show’ for the network in 2019. Election specialist, Tim Burke, shows us what it takes to ensure BBC gets the specific coverage of your vote to the appropriate audience. Never knowing what will occur on the night of elections, Tim says things get hectic because it depends on the voters as to what happens.

Showing us what is referred as ‘Hub Control’, Tim says it is ‘the guts and innards of the election program’. Six hundred fifty results come through ‘Hub Control’ but the BBC election team is ready to deliver those results to the viewers. “This is one of the biggest things the BBC does, to tell people exactly what’s going on according to the way they might have voted”, states BBC’s election specialist, Tim Burke. A massive election team is needed in order to achieve the huge technical and engineering feat attempted by the BBC considering that all the live election night broadcasts and reporters are fed through BBC’s ‘Hub Control’. The election team’s job is to sort out all the logistics to ensure all reporters are in the right place to get the appropriate information to the right audience.

Although it can be tense, it is no less exciting. The BBC election team supports each other through the process to ensure all the hard work put in gets onto the program. ‘Crazy busy’ or not, BBC’s election team makes certain that the information you need on election night is delivered.