by Deanna Maria R.

‘It is not my fault, neither where I was, nor how I dressed’, what is this and what does it mean? For many spanning the globe, it is a way to change the narrative about rape. Translated into several languages, this protest song and dance, was inspired by the Chilean feminist movement and the group Las Tesis.

Calling out to women around the world to do the same (no matter age, culture, or color), to protest and put the blame on the rapists instead of those they victimized, Las Tesis created a flash mob. Although the protest song was originally in Spanish, many have taken up the call and translated the words into their own languages while other groups have adopted certain versions of the song from other countries. Though the words may change slightly, the message remains the same to those who commit this heinous act, ‘You are the rapist’.

Naturally when controversial issues arise such as this, there is opposition. While a group of women were performing the song and dance in Turkey, police officers dispersed the group detaining seven members of the flash mob. For women across the globe, realizing that rape occurs everywhere, it triggered a need to spread their message, opposition or not. Although not spoken about in this video, the message encompasses rape of anyone, no matter the gender and is a message to rapists; the narrative has changed, and we are no longer victims.