Anti-fossil fuel protestors not finished

by Deanna Maria R.

In the Euro News, anti-fossil fuel protestors from Spain are not finished with COP25 members, who (at the time of this video), on the final day of the conference, were not able to finalize decisions pertaining to the climate. Chants of ‘We are unstoppable, another world is possible’, rings out from protestors who will not quit until their voices and messages are heard. Signs with ‘Climate Justice’, shining with sparkling lights, crossed the camera’s view, in further attempts to show viewers just how serious the protestors are and what they want.

A few young men are seen smashing, what looks to be, paper machete globes. Others are seen, in white hazmat suits, pouring a black oil looking liquid on another protestor. These scenes took place outside of the building that hosted the 2019 Chile COP25 conference.

Young people, speaking both English and Spanish, gathered together in a last attempt, prior to the conference’s closing, to ensure their voices and messages are not ignored. Chants, signs, and visual displays culminated in a peaceful gathering of like-minded people. From the chants and other motifs, ‘NO’ is not an answer they are prepared to accept on the issues pertaining to fossil fuels and the earth’s climate. They want the changes now and whether others believe in climate change issues or not, they are willing to withstand cold temperatures to take their message directly to the source that they believe would have the most impact on the climate and the future going forward.