by Deanna Maria R.

As Vladimir Putin, the Russian ruler for approximately 20 years, is seen as a disruption to US politics, a woman from a Russian village makes a direct plea for help to the ruler in question. Her village was burnt to the ground and desperately pleaded with the Russian ruler for help on live television. Vladimir Putin, the next day, sent machinery and workers to quickly rebuild the villagers’ homes. She was invited to meet her hero, President Putin, and wished him another 20 years as ruler of Russia.

Cut to Moscow correspondent, Steve Rosenberg, covering the story of the dueling views of Vladimir Putin. He opens the second segment of the clip with how the Kremlin (Putin) wants the Russian citizens to view him in a decent light, allegedly claiming that the Russian ruler controls the media and police, has been quite successful as being seen as a decent guy and ruler. But not all Russian citizens feel this way.

In the last segment, we hear a woman whose husband pleaded with President Putin to do something about some alleged gang members. His online plea allegedly backfired, as his wife explains, shortly after asking for assistance, he was arrested on charges of corruption and revealing state secrets. She claims her husband became ‘undesirable to the police’ for exposing corruption. The only thing known for sure, the ruler of Russia only knows what he does and why. For him or against him, President Putin looks to be the supreme ruler of Russia for many years to come.