by Deanna Maria R.

In an effort to tackle racism through artwork, Serie A, which includes Italian clubs AS Roma and AC Milan, unveiled, too much criticism, three monkeys depicted with different colored markings on their faces. This comes on the tale of remarks considered racist by fans towards Italian football players. AS Roma and AC Milan applaud Serie A’s efforts to combat racism but say, this particular artwork, was not the way to go about it.

The correspondent from The Cube, a program through the euronews network, reports the monkeys represent one Asian monkey, one Western monkey and one Black monkey. The Cube reached out to Serie A for statement, but they have yet to respond. Serie A, however, has issued a statement to the Associated Press. Serie A states, Serie A decided that every year it will have a different artist interpret the damage caused by racism. The statement ends with, the idea behind Fugazzotto’s artwork is that whoever shouts racist chants regresses to his primitive status of being a monkey. Some people are wondering how many people the artwork went through before it was commissioned, in disbelief that it was chosen to represent anti-racism.

The artist gave a live statement saying that he chose to turn the concept around to say we are all monkeys because it was not feasible to tell a stadium full of people that calling someone a monkey just because they were black, wasn’t okay. The artist gave a detailed statement to the cube noting, that monkeys have been a protagonist in his work consistently, but he’s always judged people by their qualities and not by the color of their skin.