by Deanna Maria R.

In the culture and travel news, those who love the colors of Autumn may want to book a trip to Japan and visit Urabandai in the Fukushima Prefecture.  As the video opens, we see monkeys, in their natural habitat, surrounded by purple berries and splendid hues of red, orange, and yellow leaves with a bit of green thrown in. Nature lovers from many places around the globe come to visit yearly during this time of year. Not to be outdone by their foreign counterparts, many residents, from all over Japan, bring their children to see nature at its best.

We than see two people canoeing, as one explains to the other, pointing off into the distance, “The Bandai Mount you can see over there erupted 131 years ago, spilling out a great deal of earth and sand,” says guide Mutsuhiro Ikea. “The river was blocked, and the lake formed. Then trees were replanted here and so nature has recovered.” Continuing the guided tour, the two are seen strolling along a forest path among many ponds of differing hues of blue. The Japanese have an almost spiritual disposition towards nature, which lends to always showing nature the greatest of respect. The people of Japan believe in living in symbiosis with nature not against it.

With lights aglow, Urabandai at night, seems a fairytale. So, whether at night or during the day, Urabandai, during the Autumn months, is likely to please those in love with the color palette of nature. Nature lovers, if you happen to be in Japan around this time of year, be sure to visit Urabandai.