by Deanna Maria

In Euro News, signs reading ‘No to racism No to Boris Johnson’ and chants of ‘Boris Johnson, not my Prime Minister’ was the scene in Central London on Friday. Police shouting ‘Get back’ while protecting a reporter from getting overwhelmed by protestors and scenes of protestors escorted away in handcuffs, is the result of the election in the UK where Boris Johnson, now the dually elected Prime Minister, was the victor. No total arrests from Friday’s protest is available.

Many people from the UK came together, in anger, ending up in Central London. Many feel that Boris Johnson is a racist and refuse to see him as PM of the UK even though he won the election. Mobs of angry protestors clashed with police, even the reporter, in one scene, is heard saying ‘get back’ and ‘stay back’ to keep from being overwhelm by the crushing force of protestors. It also seemed, to this viewer, that the reporter was trying to keep protestors from clashing with police. At the same time, protestors are heard screaming ‘who do you serve, who do you protect’ at the police officers trying to keep a handle on the situation.

Whether for or against PM Boris Johnson, clashes such as this continue to happen across the UK. Feelings running high contributes to incidents of arrest in Central London. No statement was given by the PM on the actions of the protestors or police officers on scenes from this particular video.