UK parliament reopens with her Majesty’s speech

by Deanna Maria R.

In euronews, Queen Elizabeth II’s speech formally reopens the United Kingdom (UK) parliament. She is heard stating the duties that her government will perform for Brexit proceedings on January 31st of the year 2020, officially leaving the European Union (EU). The minister’s duties are to bring legislation forward to ensure the exit of the UK on this date. In the Queen’s speech, she relates that the opportunities, due to Brexit, should be made the most of by the UK for all of its people.

After the exit of the UK from the EU is accomplished, she then expects her ministers to ‘seek a future relationship’ with the European Union based on a ‘free trade agreement’. Meanwhile, the ministers are expected to start ‘trade negotiations with other leading global economies’. The integrity and prosperity of the UK and its people are of ‘utmost importance’, in the Queen’s view, for her government to strive towards. She also mentioned Northern Ireland and ‘urgent talks’ that need to take place. She then spoke on the ‘people’s priorities’ and domestic reform. As her speech continues, she touches on many policies and reforms that are to take place such as medical and mental health care, wages, and basic needs for the people of the UK. The culmination of her speech officially reopens the UK parliament after the election of Prime Minister Boris Johnson.