by Deanna Maria R

In euronews, 100 kilometers away from a printing factor is Qingpu prison in Shanghai, China. Fast forward to a little girl in South London, who upon opening a holiday card, found a note that read…

We are foreign prisoners in Shanghai Qingpu prison. Forced to work against our will. Please help us and notify human rights organization, use the link to contact Mr. Peter Humphrey.

The card came from a box of holiday charity cards, purchased from a Tesco Express, a UK based grocery store chain. The grocery store chain used the printing factor, who produced the cards, that was next to the prison. After the question of forced labor was brought up in a Sunday Times newspaper, the grocery store chain stopped production and immediately launched an investigation into the allegations.

Tesco says they are abhorred by the allegations of forced labor. The chain no longer does business with the printing factory and says they have a comprehensive auditing process in place. Information from the video does not say who Mr. Peter Humphrey is or if he has been contacted. It also neither gives what was written in the Sunday Times paper, other then what has been written here, nor does it say if police or human rights organizations had been contacted at the time of this video.