by Deanna Maria R.

In BBC News, a crane fell into the waters of the Galapagos Islands dragging with it a cargo container and a barge with 600 gallons of diesel fuel. Three workers, one on the barge and two on the dock, are in the video shot at the time of the incident. One man remained on the dock while the other jumped onto the barge but, a few seconds later, now, both men on the barge, had to jump into the water as the barge was pulled down from the wait of the crane and container. Almost out of the video shot, it looks like a third man was on the barge at the time it went down, who then jumped into the water as it sank. It does not say whether the men sustained any injuries due to the plunge into the water.

Actions were quickly taken to contain the spill; emergency protocols were activated. Ecuadorian military and environmentalists acted quickly to contain the effects on the fragile ecosystem by putting up containment barriers and placing absorbent clothes, made for environmental spills, in the waters where the incident occurred. The video did not give any information on the company whose barge it was or what charges, if any, it will face. It also did not give any information on if any wildlife or sea creatures were affected or killed by the barge or the fuel in the water.