by Deanna Maria Raper

The BBC News reported on an event that occurs only once every 100 years. An annular solar eclipse was witnessed by many countries across Asia. Known as the ‘ring of fire’, due to the moon covering the center of the sun leaving a fiery ring, this type of eclipse only occurs approximately once every 100 years. People from India, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, and Sri Lanka witnessed the spectacular event.

Amateur astronomers and photographers came to witness the event, some even taking leave from work in order to do so. Many children were present and very excited to witness such an event in their lifetimes but were cautioned to wear their eclipse glasses. People gathered on a grassy hill at Singapore’s harbor, the first time the people of Singapore were able to witness this event, with telescopes and eclipse glasses. Others our seen, surrounded by sand, enjoying the same event. Young and old, from many countries, felt privileged to have witnessed something that would not occur again in their lifetime, a fiery ring in an otherwise dark sky, that lasted mere minutes. Something that would not return for another 100 years, brought intense excitement to the witnesses of this once-in-a-lifetime natural phenomenon. In the end, nature provided a beautiful spectacle that outshone anything man-made.