by Deanna Maria R.

In euronews, at 195 kilometers an hour, Typhoon Phanfone swept through the Philippines on Christmas day, killing at least 20 people (the death toll at the time of the video). Gusting winds, could be seen, whipping giant palm trees, as the storm is recorded. People are seen atop their roofs, trying their best to tarp, whilst a deluge of rain pours down. Others are seen walking, riding bicycles, and driving through flooded streets.

While 100’s of people were evacuated, some people were left stranded, unable to call for help or leave their homes due to internet and phone outages caused by the typhoon. Sea ports are closed, and flights have been cancelled. Flash floods and landslides are part of the devastation produced by the typhoon.

As of this video, there are not any updates on deaths and injuries caused by the devastation of Typhoon Phanfone. It is not known, at this time, how long it might take disaster aid to reach the people of the Philippines. With phonelines down, people outside the Philippines may have a long wait before they are able to find out about friends and loved ones the typhoon may have affected. The only thing we can do for now, is keep the people of the Philippines in our thoughts and prayers.