by Deanna Maria R.

In the BBC News, a seven-year-old child crosses the US border alone while his mother watches from Mexico. A father lies to his 8-year-old child about seeing him on the other side, puts a relative’s number in his hand, and watches as two border agents take his child’s hands after he to crosses into the US alone. Since United States immigration laws have become stricter, people staying in Mexico, waiting on asylum that they may not get, have found a ‘loophole’ in the law. The adults may have to wait on the Mexican side of the border, but their children do not.

The ‘Remain in Mexico’ program, created due to new stricter US immigration laws, requires asylum seekers to remain in Mexico while waiting for their day in a court to plead their case for asylum in the US. Only 0.1% of those in the program will get asylum in the US. Using a ‘loophole’ in the law, asylum seekers are sending their children across alone, knowing the United States has to take them in according to the its own law. So, parents awaiting a court date are using the ‘loophole’, to send their children across alone, in hopes of a brighter future for them. Many asylum seekers stay in border camps which lack basic amenities. Not wanting the life they came from and not wanting their children to suffer in the camps, they take drastic measures in protecting them. One woman relates that people need to walk in their shoes before criticizing those who send their children across the border alone.