by Deanna Maria R.

In the BBC News, Nigerian correspondent Mayeni Jones interviewed a man who confessed to his religious family that he was attracted to men. Speaking to her from concealment, the man told the correspondent that his sister, upon requesting to meet him, showed up with an alleged prophet and forced him to undergo conversion therapy. Conversion therapy is a term used to describe alleged treatments to cure gay people from being attracted to the same sex. The man interviewed allegedly went through three days of flogging before he passed out. A young woman volunteered for conversion therapy, in hopes to shed her attraction to women, not knowing what to expect, and said it was inappropriate with a lot of discomfort.

In Nigeria, for many religious people, it is thought of as taboo and demonic to have attractions to the same sex. The ‘Same sex prohibition act’ was created by the Nigerian government in attempts to thwart marriages and attractions to those of the same gender. Some allege that the government has taken it to far, especially towards men. Allegedly, the police are rounding up men, gay or not, and using the law to claim what a man in Nigeria should and should not look like or act like. Those of the LGBT+ community say that they just want basic human rights whether people accept that they are gay or not.