by Deanna Maria R.

In euronews, shaking of hands and awkward hugs and kisses. No, this isn’t a family reunion but rather a departure of old to new, from male to female, and to Brexit versus no Brexit. The changing of hands in the UK & European government, the European Commission and the European Council, took place this year. In the European Commission, the first female president took her place, her top priority, climate. In the European council, the new man on board has the unenviable task of getting parties ‘to agree on anything’.

The biggest drama, this year, for Europe and the UK was Brexit, yes or no, ‘extension or no extension’. As everyone is now aware, Boris Johnson is the new PM and for Brexit. At the end of the year, still having to work together, members for Brexit and those against, are awkwardly and sometimes uncomfortably, trying to get along. Some are not speaking to each other it seems and some just politely say they’re ‘not happy about Brexit’ while others want to know why and are angry enough to refer to ‘a special place in h***’ for those that are for Brexit.

It seems now, those against Brexit still protesting in hopes of changing the wheels already set in motion, are fighting for a lost cause. Still now, some of the protestors against Brexit, place themselves in dangerous situations. Even to the point of trying to block government officials from driving down the road, allegedly, for a lost cause.