by Deanna Maria R. & Emmy Hikins

The second most powerful person in Iran next to the Iranian Supreme leader, and in command of the ‘Revolutionary Guard’s Elite Quds Force’, General Qassem Soleimani, was killed by American military forces. War is now a strong possibility between the US and Iran after the killing of a top Iranian state official. Iran expert Soraya Lennie states, ‘I really don’t see a lot of positive avenues left open to de-escalate this crisis’.

‘What is the US’ end-game’ or goal going forward? This is the question we hear at the start of the video. Now under immense pressure to formally retaliate against the US, Iranian Officials from all branches, including the Supreme leader, are using words such as ‘revenge’. Reacting to the death by airstrike from the US of General Qassem Soleimani, Iranian officials say it is ‘a death to diplomacy if it ever existed in the first place’.

With thousands of people already on the streets of Iran in General Soleimani’s hometown, state internal affairs is under great pressure. The challenge for Iranian officials now, ‘to let cooler heads prevail’. Iran, known as an ‘irrational state actor’, needs to walk a ‘tight rope’ when and if it chooses to retaliate. Pressure isn’t just coming domestically towards Iranian officials but also from abroad in places such as Hezbollah. Euro News host says the killing of General Soleimani is an ‘extreme escalation’ between President Trump and Iran. Does anybody truly want war? According to Iran expert Soraya Lennie there are those in the Middle East who are pushing the US towards war with Iran.