by Deanna Maria R.

While on holiday, a UK tourist had an experience he wouldn’t forget in a hurry. Turning to his wife he said, ‘That’s a death cry’. Poolside at the Costa Del Sol Resort, a UK tourist watched as a woman runs across his view crying and screaming in Spanish, trying to get the receptionists’ attention. Her son had drowned while swimming in the pool. Unconscious and in need of help, the resort staff and guests desperately tried to bring the boy back to life by taking turns giving him CPR.

The man on holiday from the UK, stood by the son, having had experience with giving CPR, but only on a mannequin, his turn to help soon came up. The woman giving the boy CPR at the time, soon grew tired and turned to the UK tourist saying, ‘Can you take over’. Hesitating for a second, knowing this was the first time he would attempt CPR on a human, the UK tourist felt the spirit take over and guide him in the process while the man began to pray.

Having heard the traumatic cries from the mother, knowing she was screaming for help although he couldn’t understand what she was saying, the man couldn’t stand by and do nothing. Unfortunately the video doesn’t tell us if the boy lived or not, but it does tell us something. There are people out there, strangers, who may not know your language but are willing to help when the need arises. That is what a true hero is.