by Deanna Maria R & Emmy Hikins

Imagine after a traumatic accident, your doctor tells you, ‘we can’t save it, we have to remove your leg’. Poland is giving patients like Daniel Bardega, that face an amputation, new hope, and a fighting chance, from becoming an amputee. Faced with heart-breaking news, Daniel had a decision to make, to choose an experimental procedure that may not work or lose his leg. He decided to take his chances, which saved his leg.

In Lublin, Poland, medical experts have invented an artificial bone, that can be shaped to any form, still in its experimental stages, it turned out to be a Godsend for Daniel Bardega. No animal materials in the composition of the artificial bone means decreased risk of rejection by the patient’s body, and, the result for Daniel, eight years later, he walks without crutches. Other bone replacement methods, that could have been used on Daniel, come in powder form and are, difficult at best, to use.

Biochemist Anna Belcarz, inventor of the artificial bone call Flexioss, knew surgeons were not happy with already existing bone materials. Thus, the ‘Flexioss technology’ was born. It replaces the bone and is pliable when wet enabling surgeons to shape it during the procedure. Winning 14 awards for this technology, Biochemist Anna Belcarz and the Flexioss technology deserve high-fives and dancing feet, just ask Daniel Bardega what he thinks, and, I’m sure, he’ll say the same.