by Deanna Maria R. & Emmy Hikins

Allegedly, Iran sent more than a dozen ballistic missiles through the night skies, purportedly hitting two United States military airbases, housing US troops, in response to General Qassem Soleimani’s death, according to the US Department of Defense. The video, which was allegedly recorded inside Al-Asad airbase, shows the night sky lit up with missiles. The response comes after US President, Donald Trump, gave the go-ahead to launch an airstrike, which killed Soleimani and others from the Iranian government. Sources say reports of casualties is ‘unclear’ at this time.

At approximately 2:00 (local time Wednesday, 22:30 GMT Tuesday), just hours after Soleimani’s burial, allegedly, Al Asad and Irbil airbases were targeted. Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei, responded to Soleimani’s death, calling it ‘a slap in the face’. He now wants US troops to immediately leave the ‘Middle East’. Others have echoed the Ayatollah’s sentiment of ‘kicking the US out of the region’. It is unclear at this time what the United States response or actions will be after the missile strikes or whether the US will comply with demands to leave the Middle East region.

The US, and President Trump, now have ‘the ball back in their court’. A heavy decision lies once again with the US and President Trump. Will they or won’t they respond in kind or will a diplomatic solution be found and will the Ayatollah’s demands to leave the region be respected or ignored? Only time will tell.