by Deanna Maria R & Emmy Hikins

If you’ve never heard of Celeste Waite, you have now. Up and coming star in the music industry, Celeste Waite, 25, born in Los Angeles, raised in Brighton, has pushed her star to the forefront in 2020. Celeste already has two wins under her belt, the ‘Brit’s Rising Star’ award and the ‘BBC introducing artist of the year’ award. Not shabby, Celeste. She has reached the number one spot in music, only nine days into the new year.  

Listening to jazz and soul greats like Ella Fitzgerald, Otis Redding, Billie Holiday and Aretha Franklin, Celeste’s musical influences have been with her since childhood. At nine years of age, Celeste sang her ‘heart out’ to the ‘Shirley Bassey’ hit “Big Spender”. At 17, Celeste wrote her first song, “Sirens”, a tribute to her Jamaican father who passed away from lung cancer. Fast forward to 2019, where Celeste and her band perform their first show together at the Lexington to her song “Strange”, also a first.

Now signed to the Polydor record label, Celeste continues to create ‘timeless’ songs with her lyrics’ telling a story. Performing “Love is back” on the Glastonbury stage for the 2019 BBC introducing event, Celeste knows who she is and what kind of music she wants to produce going forward in 2020. Her number one goal going forward concerning her music is to, ‘be able to make music for a long time, and music that actually matters to people’.