by Deanna Maria R & Emmy Hikins

Mixing it up in the music industry gets you noticed. This has turned out to be a true statement for the four-piece band, Easy Life. Easy Life mashes up the beat by mixing genres, creating their own sound. Doing it for themselves and not knowing if the public would take to it, Easy Life was both surprised and appreciative for the acceptance of their ‘bodged together’ mish-mashed sound creation.

Inspired by ‘personal experiences’ and crossing the gambit of song topics, Easy Life’s songs ‘allude’ to topics geared to create awareness to the public. Not necessarily so, Easy Life sings about what others are talking about. ‘The song isn’t all ‘save the whales’, it just sort of alludes to it – but I felt like loads of my mates were talking about it, so why not put it in a song?’, quips the singer of easy Life.

Coming in second in the ‘BBC Sound of 2020’ event, getting band support from BBC radio one, and snagging a headliner spot in Glastonbury for the ‘BBC introducing’ event, is just the start of what 2020 is going to look like for Easy Life. The next step in the band’s career is to finish an album they started and just to keep creating music with a message. Hopefully, Easy Life continues to have an ‘Easy Life’ in the music industry, mashing it up with their unique sound.