by Deanna Maria R & Emmy Hikins

Growing up, fake food was plastic toys that came with a play kitchen. Not the same thing but fake none-the-less, Impossible Foods has created fake pork. Having created the ‘Impossible Burger 2.0’ in 2019, David Lee, of Impossible Foods, said the fake pork was years in the making and the technology used to make the fake burger, contributed to its design. But, the fundamental question is, will it taste good?

Convincing meat eaters to like fake pork, impossible? Maybe not. The BBC presenter takes a bite. She claims it is lighter and a bit spicier than real pork, with half the calories. Giving it only an okay, she isn’t sure if it beats the real deal. She asks David Lee, ‘Is it true you’re chasing the Chinese market here?’ His response, ‘I think we’re chasing the meat eaters.’

Impossible Foods went on a mission to convince the many meat eaters in Asia and China to give up the real for the fake, or, at least give it a chance. The food company was just in Shanghai, serving 25,000 different dishes, made from fake pork, to its people. Trying to convince the Chinese people to switch is a daunting task considering China represents 60% of the world’s meat consumption.

Not announcing a specific timetable for the fake pork to go to market, David Lee proclaims Impossible Foods has been working hard to ensure the product will be ready to release when the time is right. So for now real pork has no competition. Until it does, to those in the UK, faux bangers and mash anyone? Bon appetite!