by Deanna Maria R & Emmy Hikins

People are looking to, what they believe, is the future existence of humans living on Mars. So what is the first thing we need to properly call Mars are home? An anthem. Oscar Castellino, a former Indian software analyst turned opera singer, is doing just that, creating an anthem for the possibility of a future life on Mars, commissioned by the UK Mars Society.

At the beginning of the video, Mr. Castellino, is seen, and heard in the background, singing his heart out to the Mars anthem. As the camera pans to the audience, Mr. Castellino is stating his intentions for the anthem. He wants people to hear the music so it will create images, among listeners, of the possibility of future generations living and thriving on the Red Planet. The UK Mars Society’s intent for the anthem, to give those that may one day live there, a ‘musical identity’.

‘Rise to Mars, men and women; Dare to dream, dare to strive; Build a home for our children, make this desert come alive….’, are just part of the lyrics to the anthem. The video then turns to childhood memories of Mr. Castellino. Growing up in the mountains of India, Oscar Castellino, speaks of clearly seeing the stars in the night sky and how it stuck with him into adulthood, inspiring him to wonder just who and what was out there in the vast universe.

The anthem was created to promote the exploration and settlement on Mars by the Mars society. According to the president of the group, in a questioning fashion, ‘What successful movement has ever not had an anthem?’ Now, with an anthem in place, the members of the society and possibly others, can now move forward, guarded with musical images, of a possible life on Mars.