by Deanna Maria R & Emmy Hikins

French musician, Laetitia Sheriff, after making a name for herself across Europe, decided to cross the pond and check out the musical, historical, and cultural disposition in the USA. High on her list of places to go was Philadelphia. Birthplace of democracy and where the first American flag was created along with sporting the Liberty Bell, it’s a place chocked full of history. A recording studio and bar, ‘Milkboys Cafe’, having worked with some of America’s greatest musicians, was Laetitia first stop. She meets up with recording studio co-founders Jamie Lokoff and Tommy Joyner.

 Having made its ‘mark in this country’ as the birthplace of the nation, co-founder of ‘Milkboys’, Jamie Lokoff, says this is the reason why they chose Philly as the place to be. Tommy takes Laetitia on a tour, pointing out big named American musicians that they had worked with such as Miley Cyrus, Justin Timberlake, and Kelley Clarkson. After recording sessions, some of those same musicians would come back to the bar connected to the recording studio. History and music aren’t the only reason to visit though. Culture, especially the food, plays a big part in what makes Philadelphia, Philly.

After Philly cheese steak and hot dogs, also movies like ‘Rocky’ inspiring a visit to the legendary steps from the movie, Laetitia’s next stop was ‘Vintage Instruments’. This store is the largest in America for vintage instruments. Sporting Gibson’s and Martin vintage guitars, Laetitia is given a tour. She listens as she is told about the history behind some of the instruments kept in the shop. With many stops ahead, Laetitia is sure to enjoy other states, towns, and cities, steeped in musical history and culture, and don’t forget the food.