by Deanna Maria R. & Emmy Hikins

Many women who want children are told they cannot. For whatever reason, the choice to carry and nurture a child within her own body has been taken from her. It is devastating enough to be told this as an adult. Jennifer Gobrecht, at the age of 17, was told she was infertile. The choice to have children wasn’t taken from her, she never had it. Jennifer was born without a uterus. Advance 10 years or so, Jennifer gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Benjamin. Wait, what?

For Jennifer, the advancement in medical transplants, gave her the chance to have a child. Using the uterus from a person who had recently passed, a medical team transplanted it into Jennifer’s body. Ten days after embryo transfer, Jennifer and her husband received a call. She was pregnant. Tears of joy all around, Cheers!

Benjamin’s birth was through C section. Jennifer’s baby Benjamin is not only a miracle, but also only the second child in the USA to have been born from a woman with a transplanted uterus. The uterus is then removed after birth. Although many may have questions on the implications of this success with a transplanted uterus in other circumstances, baby Benjamin’s mom and dad are just happy it worked, and he is here. For many women out there like Jennifer, Benjamin represents hope where none may have existed before.

The video does not give information on how you go about qualifying for this type of transplant or financial cost of the transplant. For now, Jennifer is ecstatic that she was given the choice to go through the journey of birth and motherhood the way many others do. At the end of the video, both mother and child are happy and thriving. Congratulations.