by Deanna Maria R. & Emmy Hikins

Last winter, 11,300 Dolphins were accidentally killed by certain fishing methods in the Bay of Biscay, according to BBC News. Marine conservationists want it to stop. Sea Shepherd France, a conservationist organization, brought two dead dolphins to the French Capitol in Paris to make their point. The pair of majestic creatures were laid out in the middle of the capitol square on Monday, January 14th of 2020.

With the world focused on climate change, death of these creatures by human hands, albeit accidently, every year, makes the point more poignant to some. Standing in the square, holding a banner, the group silently protests. The carcasses of the sea creature’s lay only inches away from where members of the organization and on-lookers stood. Upon arrival at the capitol, draped in sheets, carried in on stretchers, the dolphins now on the cold ground, lay silently protesting as well.

Many feel that over-fishing may deplete our oceans one day, causing not only catastrophe to are ocean’s ecosystem but hunger for many who rely on the ocean for sustenance. Fishers rely on the ocean for their livelihood but some of their fishing methods have organizations, such as the Sea Shepard, up-in-arms. Causing even accidental harm to creatures while fishing is considered, to some, just another way of depleting the ocean, as well as taking away the homes of those that have more rights to it than humans.