by Deanna Maria R & Emmy Hikins

Nothing brings people from other countries together better than a ride on the subway wearing no pants. No! You don’t need new glasses, you read it correctly. In 2002, ‘Improv everywhere’ out of New York, created an event to make people aware of who they are surrounded by on their commute to work while riding the subway. It has since turned into an annual event in New York and has now crossed over to other countries. From New York to Prague, and even London, the view from the subway platform is of many legs and no pants. Most come prepared, already having lost their trousers prior to riding, while others deem to shed them while enjoying their commute to work, preferring to make their statement inside the subway car.

Old to young, cold or not, the shedding of the pants, might seem silly to some. Since mobile or cell phones, are the way many subway riders choose to occupy their time while on their way to work, not observing much around them, the creators of the event thought this would be a way to pull people’s attention away from their phones and to who might be next to them. Although it might seem silly, and rather shocking at times, the organizers, at least one day of the year, hope to make those riding more aware of their surroundings. Most likely as a safety precaution in the event something doesn’t go quite right during the commute.