by Deanna Maria R. & Emmy Hikins

In euronews (EN), secretly touching down in Athens for a last-minute meeting, Libya’s Haftar was on his way to the Berlin Summit. Very important to Greek officials but with broader international implications, Haftar has built a strong diplomatic alliance with Athens. He has been a key player in the agreement between Turkey and Libya to delaminate borders between the two, but, the agreement, “Completely disregards the Greek Island of Crete”.

The reporter goes on to say, “The memorandum has been condemned by Athens”. Athens has not been invited to the Berlin conference and Libya’s Haftar expresses his discontent with the decision. The EN reporter goes on to state again, that Haftar expresses, “his disappointment that Athens was not invited to the Berlin talks”.

The Greek Prime Minister has threatened to veto issues pertaining to Libya if the agreement between Libya and Turkey isn’t scrubbed, due to the delamination issues concerning the Greek Island of Crete. There has been a claim, that has not yet been confirmed, that Libya’s Haftar will tear up the ‘maritime’ deal between Turkey and Libya. At the time of the report, no confirmation had been given on whether or not, Haftar’s private meeting with Greek officials to ‘tear up’ the deal, was the reason for the stop before going on to Berlin for the summit.