by Deanna Maria R. & Emmy Hikins

US House Democrats impeached the President of the United States, now its going to trial. Day one of the trial consisted of debates on what format it would take. Senate Majority leader, Mitch McConnell, makes a statement to the effect that the president will finally receive a fair trial while the House Impeachment Manager, Adam Schiff, is questioning whether or not he actually will get a fair trial. As the two sides of the coin debate on whether or not the President’s trial will be fair, the American people wait.

Three days, each side is given an equal amount of time to make or break their respective cases for or against the US President. While the Senate majority expresses that the prosecutions side is quibbling over something that should be by-partisan, the Senate Majority Leader extended the time for each side. The prosecution side was demanding more time for further documentation, they are saying has been withheld from them, and more witnesses.

The amendment they are discussing, the opposition claims, is a trial without witnesses or evidence. The president’s legal team are blocking new witnesses and new evidence because the constitution clearly states the House was supposed to do that prior to the trial; the senate is just supposed to try the case, not investigate for the House. And the American Citizens just wait.