by Deanna Maria R. & Emmy Hikins

The people of Wuhan wear masks for health as well as fashion. People traveling to Wuhan are now seeing more citizens and visitors, than per usual, donning masks due to an outbreak of a virus that has killed 17 people. What other precautions are being taken in Wuhan to prevent travelers from carrying it to other countries? One traveler, who wasn’t sure if he was going to be let out of Wuhan, was surprised “there wasn’t more screening”, when leaving on his way back to London.

At the time of the video, no screenings were taking place going into or coming out of Wuhan. A leaflet, in English, was given to travelers that gave precautions and what to look for if they started feeling ill. That was the extent of precautions taken by authorities in Wuhan at the time.

The virus, named the ‘Novel Coronavirus’, can cause fever, difficulty breathing, and a cough according to the leaflet given in Wuhan. It also gives a number to call. It states, “If you develop symptoms within 14 days of leaving China, contact a healthcare professional for free advice and treatment, by calling your GP or NHS 111, and tell them you have travelled to Wuhan”. Since the airing of this video, Wuhan has stopped all travel on outbound planes and other modes of transportation into the city such as trains, buses, the fairy as well as the subway.