by Deanna Maria R & Emmy Hikins

In Euro News, the European Union has given Bulgaria infrastructure healthcare funds to upgrade equipment necessary to save lives. New ambulances sit waiting to be driven to help those in need. The only problem, no manpower to drive them. Shortages of medical staff, such as doctors and nurses, trump the need for machinery. Medical professionals our exiting Bulgaria in droves in hopes of finding better paying positions in Western Europe.

Even medical students want to leave Bulgaria, 3 out of 4 have made the attempt. Destinations that seem more pay-check friendly for medical staff include Germany, Austria as well as Scandinavian countries. There are some staying though. Two people, considered a dream team in emergency services, chose to stay. Bulgaria needs them. Emergency workers are scarce and work with less then half the staff truly needed to properly do their jobs.

As the camera rolls, the emergency workers get a call for help. Hurrying to the scene, they find an elderly woman complaining of a heavy weight on her chest causing pain. Medical needs are urgent due to the aging population while the younger working class leave to find work elsewhere. UN statistics on Bulgaria predicts approximately 23% of the population will leave by the year 2050.