Kobe Bryant: the passing of a basketball legend

by Deanna Maria R & Emmy Hikins

It’s made its way around the world since it occurred, basketball superstar, Kobe Bryant and his daughter have died. They were among nine people plus the pilot who tragically perished in a helicopter crash over the weekend. As horrible as it is for Kobe Bryant’s family to lose two members, we mustn’t forget the other seven passengers and the pilot, whose families are also grieving. Sadly, this particular video doesn’t give any names for the others that lost their lives along side Kobe and his daughter. It seemed by the way Kobe is portrayed via this video and around the world, he wouldn’t have wanted the other people who died to go un-named and their families grieving to go unnoticed due to his superstar status in the NBA.

We watch Kobe’s friends in the NBA and other sports legends speak of the tragedy and say their goodbyes. The soft and kind words spoken for and about Kobe show that his companions in death would be equally significant to him during his last moments as any stardom he received from playing basketball. It is said best by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, “My thoughts are with you, absolutely”. Goodbye to all the people who perished in the crash. May the families find some peace in happier memories.