by Deanna Maria R. & Emmy Hikins

According to residents in the state of Iowa in the US, many had voted for former President Barack Obama for two consecutive terms but switched their vote to the opposite party in 2016, giving their vote to, now President, Donald J. Trump. You may be wondering how and why such a drastic swing occurred related to voting preferences in Iowa?

The state’s demographics are made up of a lot of farmers and conservatives with the greatest of the population being Caucasian. Both Democrat and Republican citizens alike, seem to have bipartisan relationships, and, are able to keep friendships even though personal political views may differ. Some that voted for Obama switched their vote to Trump because they wanted more growth in the economy and thought he could get the job done. Others voted for Hillary Clinton while noting neither candidate, to some, was a ‘favorite’. The Republican choice had more policies that aligned with citizen’s needs.

Some say the residents of Iowa may have voted for both Obama and Trump in the past for similar reasons; both were outsiders. Iowans may have voted for Trump because he wasn’t part of the establishment. Some think Iowans “have a fairly broad dislike” for the establishment. Some think US politics is no longer a, “rational choice but a tribal affiliation”. One person, someone who voted Democrat at one point, said running for the sake of just beating Trump “is not a good enough reason to run”. He sees the democratic side berating US citizens, especially those from the Midwest. Does this mean the Democrats cannot get votes in Iowa? No, but, the Iowans would like to see Democratic candidates come back to the middle instead of straying so far left to get a vote from them.