My dad is considered a terrorist

by Deanna Maria R.

Nada Fedulla lived and went to school in Indonesia. She wanted to become a doctor and loved to study but a trip to Syria changed her life and not for the better. Nada was one of many children that was forced by their families to move to Syria in support of a terrorist organization. Nada’s father, who now sits in prison, gave up everything in Indonesia to join the Islamic State group, a terrorist organization. Asked if she could forgive her father for his mistakes, and with tears staining her cheeks, Nada’s answer was, unequivocally, “Yes”.  

Over 10,000 children have been displaced due to family members moving them to Syria to fight along side the Islamic State group. Now, they sit and wait for their home countries to decide their fate but what is a country to do with those who chose to uproot their families to become terrorists and, in doing so, ruined their children’s lives? Very few countries have decided, and Nada’s father admits he’s heard nothing from his country of Indonesia.

Along with her dreams of a medical degree being dashed, Nada has witnessed “slaughtering’s” in the streets of Syria. She doesn’t know what her future holds, and, according to Nada herself, her father is to blame. Her father, from prison, admits his mistakes and has apologized to his daughter but he isn’t sure whether his country will forgive him as his daughter has.