Smuggling migrants in a dinghy

by Deanna Maria R. & Emmy Hikins

Controversy arises once again between those wanting to give unlimited access to migrants, no matter the legal necessities, and those that think the country has lost control of their borders. Recently, 130 migrants were given boats, crossing the sea, to gain access to Britain. According to the piece, smugglers are providing ‘small rigid boats’ and then letting migrants make their own way to, what they call, ‘freedom’.

Many having to be rescued by authorities in attempts to cross, migrants’ risk their lives to gain access illegally foregoing proper avenues for reasons only they comprehend. One woman on the video reiterates that Britain takes in such a small number of migrants compared to other countries that Britain should be prepared to do “their bit”. Many in Britain may agree but many also feel that the government is encouraging and giving illegal access to migrants, so much so that they feel that they, “have lost control of their borders”.

Ninety, the highest number of smuggled migrants using British waters to gain access to Britain, occurred on Thursday February 6th of 2020. A reporter interviews a woman from an organization that helps support migrants. He asks, “Why the sudden surge, why now?”, referring to the greater amounts of migrants trying to reach Britain. The answer, weather. According to the organization’s representative, better weather is the reason for the greater number of migrants crossing British waters, and in doing so, gaining access to Britain.