by Deanna Maria R & Emmy Hikins

A Youtuber decided to seek actual reactions to Russia’s President Putin. How you may ask? He placed a picture of the Russian president inside a Moscow lift/elevator. Why? He wanted to gauge natural reactions to the sight of the president, claiming that if asked from a typical survey standpoint, people were too scared to show honesty in the face of possible trouble from doing so.

Some people believed the reactions weren’t from typical people but actors or actresses. The man who set it up said, unequivocally, that the people were not actors or actresses. He suspected some people were tired of the president and, by the looks of it, his assumption was correct. Reactions ranged from no reaction to expletives and everything in between. The instigator of this project said he knew some would be quite angry at him for this adventure, but, the only people cut from the scenes showed nothing not even recognition, as if the picture was not there. Some of the reactions are quite funny also.

First person entering the lift and seeing the picture can be heard using expletives, which, of course, are bleeped out. One man and woman entered but the woman absolutely refused to even look toward where the picture sits on the wall. Meanwhile, the man with her was trying his best to get her to look. It didn’t work.