by Deanna Maria R & Emmy Hikins

Exhausted, headaches, can’t turn off from work? You may be experiencing burn-out. It can manifest into physical symptoms and, eventually, affect your mental health. Some of the signs of burn-out are: Step one, feeling like you are constantly under pressure; Step two, hard to switch off from working; Step three, impacts on work; and Step-four, burn-out.

You look like you are under control at work but its in your personal life that, at first, will be affected. Physical symptoms and crashing from total exhaustion are clues that, if you heed, can be avoided. If you are in the last stages of the spiral, you may need to seek medical and/or mental professional help. Seeking support, in whatever form, is the key thing to beating burn-out. In the early stages of burn-out, there are healthy strategies you can take to avoid it.

Switching your phone off, eating better, going outside, keeping hydrated, cut back on caffeine (including energy drinks), have fun and laugh more, make it a point to sleep; these are some of the things you can do to avoid burn-out. Whether you need professional help or just a friend to talk to, seek help if you think burn-out is the issue. It can be prevented and avoided by making healthy choices and making time for yourself.