Illegal settlements in Israel: It’s ours No it’s ours

by Deanna Maria R & Emmy Hikins

Israelis and Palestinians have been fighting over Israel for decades. Its ours no its ours, is an unspoken motto among many in Israel. A BBC reporter traveled to both sides of the fence to get personal testimony on the subject. Talking to a Palestinian man and an Israeli woman, who have differing opinions on the topic, the question came up on whether or not Israel had the right to take land from Palestinians, make it part of the Israeli state and create Israeli settlements using the reallocated land. Some say the Israeli settlements are illegal, if you are Palestinian. While others say it isn’t illegal, if you are Israeli.

Israel is quite different than it used to be years ago. Now when you look around, a new feature has been added, a fence. The BBC reporters first stop was to a home of a Palestinian man and his family, whose house is in a fenced off area. Israel had confiscated the land the house sits upon and reallocated it for settlement use. The Palestinian man, whose house, having been built many years prior on land that had been in his family for years, said he and his family were prisoners. The fence divides Palestinian homes from the Israeli settlements and for this Palestinian family, a special fence and checkpoint surround the house to sequester it from the Israeli settlement.

A trip that normally took only a few minutes, if there wasn’t a fence, took over an hour. The BBC reporter having had to drive to an Israeli checkpoint in order to enter the settlement, was subject of a delay due to protesting. Palestinians were seen burning tires on the road leading to the Israeli settlement. The BBC reporter is seen entering an Israeli woman’s home that unequivocally states the land no longer belongs to the Palestinians so if they are surrounded by fencing, it’s by their own choosing.