by Deanna Maria R & Emmy Hikins

The President of Turkey told the people, the Turkish government wouldn’t stop migrants seeking asylum from heading to the European Union. This action by the government of Turkey has helped to lead to a course of chaos at the Turkish-Greek border. Clashes have occurred between asylum seekers and the Greek authorities due to the number of migrants wanting to enter. The number of people has been so great that the Greek government has stopped processing applications for asylum. They also warned those migrants who cross illegally, that when caught, they will immediately be deported.

Migrants coming from Turkey have been seen and heard on video, sometimes through translation, claiming the Turkish government is telling them to cross. One such individual said the Turkish government assisted the group he was with by driving them to the border. The places the migrants are being escorted to, allegedly, are not legal entry points. Most migrants crossing illegally into Greece say they don’t want to stay in Greece, only to travel through to places such as Germany in hopes of creating a better life for their families.

As a BBC video crew and reporter were interviewing a couple of migrants from Iraq and Syria, who told the reporter they had entered Greece just that day, the police pulled up. The BBC reporter told the men who they were, and the police officers escorted the migrants to their van. The reporter was heard asking where the migrants were to be taken and the reply, “to the police station”. When the reporter asked what would happen to them after that, the response, “I’m not an officer okay I’m a Sargent okay”, as he walked away to secure the migrants in the back of the van.