Corona Virus in Vietnam inspires dance challenge

by Deanna Maria R & Emmy Hikins

Health departments, ministries and authorities are pushing the message that washing your hands helps combat the spread of the germs from the corona virus. The Health Ministry in Vietnam went a bit further than most to spread the hand washing message. Using social media and TikTok, a song was created in collaboration with dancer Quang Dang, which has since gone viral not only across Vietnam but also worldwide.

Quang Dang, as well as another person, are seen dancing up a storm to the catchy tune that is sure to stick in your mind, exactly what the Vietnam Health Ministry’s goal was. The song and dance challenge helps bring attention to the issue in order to educate people on proper hygiene. This, in turn, helps to lessen the chances of the virus spreading and creating new cases. The use of social media, in this instance, is a means to an end, to educate individuals and communities on preventive methods, keeping the virus at bay.

Quang Dang is happy that his dance plays a part in sending out the proper information to people therefore helping to stop new cases of the virus from developing and spreading. This message delivery method is a good way to get the younger ones’ attention. It’s a fun way for children to learn how to properly wash their hands, keeping them a little more protected against germs.