by Deanna Maria R. & Emmy Hikins

Helping our children stay mentally and physically healthy is a priority for most mothers around the world. When your child is born with mental and/or physical conditions, sometimes you must seek out alternative methods of therapies to help them. This was the case for a mother from Egypt whose child was born with both mental and physical issues. Amal Tolba sought out an organization called HOPE after her daughter was born with disabilities allegedly caused by medical malpractice. She wants to inspire and give mothers and families HOPE if their child or children are born with physical and/or mental disabilities like her daughter was, that there are alternatives to conventional medicines.

Looking toward alternative medicines and therapies, Alma found a German doctor who uses “child psychology, sensory integration, and a holistic approach” when helping children born with mental and/or physical disabilities. Instead of just looking at the problem Alma’s child had, the pioneering doctor considers the whole child, everything that may affect that child. Lights, color, music, and art therapy are some of the methods used to help children with mental and/or physical disabilities.

For example, creative art can be used as an alternative method to help children overcome anxiety. The German doctor says the method can help to reset the brain making it easier for the child to “process disturbing or difficult information”. It also helps to reduce the stress hormone in children. The doctor encourages patients to use art to create what’s triggering feelings by drawing, painting, or with other creative outlets.